Mostly Cats Dumpster

This dumpster was in the back of a local shopping center in Loves Park, IL. The label immediately caught my attention as being funny (sorry cat lovers). This was the only dumpster in a row of several with a name label, so it stands out among the others. I later found out that it was owned by Mostly Cats Veterinary Clinic, which had their office in the building.

Mostly Cats Veterinary Clinic Dumpster

Update: This is a repost of some of my older site content. The veterinary clinic has since moved to a new location. I’m happy to report that they took their dumpster with them and it still has the label.

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5 Responses to “Mostly Cats Dumpster”

  1. Posted by: Daniel - 11/13/2007

    Oooo, I love when that happens.

  2. Posted by: Chi Schamberger - 01/22/2009

    My family owns this place so lay off

  3. Posted by: Doug Smith - 01/24/2009

    Hello Chi. Nice to meet you too. :-)

    If you look through my site you’ll see that I often feature photos of things that are funny because they are out of the ordinary. This particular photo has been here since at least 2004, maybe longer. It was certainly not meant as any kind of an attack.

    By the way, I actually like cats even though I’m terribly allergic to them.

  4. Posted by: Chi Schamberger - 02/08/2009

    Sorry i get a little emotional about mcvc sometimes

  5. Posted by: Doug Smith - 02/08/2009

    I’ll also add that some good friends always took their cat to Mostly Cats for veterinary care. They speak very highly of the care and service they received.

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