Finally Converted My Own Site to WordPress

I’ve helped so many other people set up WordPress but never got around to doing it on my own site. Sure, I’ve been running versions here from time to time to test things, but I hadn’t linked it in for public consumption. Now that version 2.3 is out, it seemed like a good time to fully make the switch.

Hopefully, this will entice me to blog about a few things as I think of them because it’s now so easy to do. Some of my old articles are still getting a decent amount of views so I’ll soon be moving those into posts and redirecting traffic there.

I still haven’t settled on a theme. I’d like to customize one for this site but I just don’t have the time right now. Thanks to Jim Mitchell for his bogart theme. It’s clean and easy on the eye so it will definitely do the job for the time being.

2 thoughts on “Finally Converted My Own Site to WordPress”

  1. How hard is it to do this? I am also facing the same problem here on my blog. I want to migrate it to WordPress, but don’t know how.

  2. @Benny, You may have an easier time converting than I did. I’m dealing with old static HTML pages that I created before there was much available for blogging software.

    It looks like you’re on Blogger. WordPress has an importer for Blogger that might work for you. There’s a page on the WordPress Codex that talks about importing. You can find it here:

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