Grocery Store Offers Free Old Rotten Food

My local grocery store featured these paper bags for only a few days. I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time to promote “It’s Fresh or it’s Free,” but let’s think about the message taken to its full conclusion.

Fresh or Free Grocery Bag

I’m sure they wanted to communicate that they only carry fresh products, but the real message is that they have old rotten food available. If you get some, well sorry, we don’t guarantee freshness. But your reward is that you can have it at no charge instead of us tossing it in the dumpster! Bon App├ętit.

2 thoughts on “Grocery Store Offers Free Old Rotten Food”

  1. We used to have one store over in the UK offer a refund & replace policy where they over-charged.

    All that was a demonstration of a commitment to getting the price right otherwise they would penalise themselves by giving you the product for free.

    I say good on the retailer here… they are saying that they are committed to selling freash food and if they don’t, then its free ….. I suspect that they will actally replace with a fresh alternative to avoid any law suits.

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