WordPress Admin Colors Plus Visited

Admin Colors Plus Visited is a simple WordPress plugin that adds two new admin color schemes. The colors are the same as the built-in Blue and Gray color schemes, but with an additional color for visited links. This makes it easier to keep track of which dashboard news items you have and have not already read.

WordPress admin color schemes

10 thoughts on “WordPress Admin Colors Plus Visited”

  1. WordPress 2.7 still does not make any visual distinction between visited and un-visted news stories in the dashboard. Unfortunately, the styles have changed so much in WordPress 2.7 that my color scheme no longer works. I’ll have to see if I can make an updated version.

  2. I’ve been updating my blogs today due to some performance issues which I think I related to running v2.6 (at least I’m hoping) and so I’m having to test all the plugins I have installed. When I tested Fresh+Visited I noticed it didn’t work – there isn’t even a Fresh theme anymore. I’d love to see a version updated for WP 2.7 if you have a chance to implement it that provided Blue+Visited and Gray+Visited.


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