A MagSafe Cable Repair Embedded in a 3D Print

I have an old Apple MacBook Pro with a power cable that had frayed near the end with the MagSafe 2 connector. These power supplies are notorious for having the outer cable coating become brittle and crack, as this one had done from nothing more than normal use.

The power supply still worked well so a repair was in order. After trimming off the excess cracked plastic coating, I went looking for some sort of cable protector I could 3D print to keep that portion of the cable from bending and getting damaged any more.

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X10 Mini Controller Repair

Here’s another post bringing back some of my old site content. It was originally submitted as an HTI Home Toys tips contest entry and was the October 1998 winner. The Mini Controller design has changed little over the years so the information should still be relevant.

I have X10 home automation Mini Controllers all over my house. They’re a cheap and easy way to control X10 equipment and provide input to my system. Now and then one would quit working Continue reading X10 Mini Controller Repair