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Have Some Ice Cream with that Diet!

Here’s some more fun from my local grocery store. Buy six diet food items and get free ice cream. That’s right, you can start your diet and then ruin it, all with this one deal!

Ice cream with diet food store sale

OS X Leopard, 16 Great Small Touches

Mac OS X Leopard has been running on my primary computer for a week now and I’ve had a chance to put it to the test in my daily activities. Much has been written by others about the some of the larger new features so I won’t bother boring you with more of that. However, Apple has done a wonderful job, as usual, with their attention to some of the little things.

So here are just a few of the smaller OS X Leopard features that stood out to me. I don’t claim they are undiscovered new things. In fact, some are well-documented. But they are nice touches that I’ve found particularly useful. [ Continue reading OS X Leopard, 16 Great Small Touches … ]