6 thoughts on “Have Some Ice Cream with that Diet!”

  1. I imagine there to be some rather good source material at most supermarkets for an epic David Lynch film. That’s sort of where I’m at with that.

  2. Getting all the right information for losing unessesary fat is key to designing a good eating plan. Losing fat is very scientic and is directly related to our specific body types and metabolism. I have spent alot of time just getting my body on the best eating plan that suits me and works well. Thanks.

  3. It’s how we kid ourselves into thinking we are dieting. If I eat that diet food, I can have ice cream for dessert.

  4. That makes me think of people ordering huge cream cakes to eat with their diet coke or others chowing down on MacDonalds Big Macs , fries, cheesburgers… and a diet sprite !

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