Illinois Pineapple

Illinois Pineapples

Why do I find so much humor at our local grocery store? I think it’s because they make it too easy!

I stopped by my local Highlander (Kroger) grocery store to pick up a few essential food items (that’s code for ice cream.) They’ve been pushing a locally grown message for a while now with posters and signs around the store. We’re in Northern Illinois and the store has stretched local to mean things like Michigan blueberries and Kentucky cucumbers. It’s within a long day’s drive, I guess.

But  I was not prepared for what awaited me at the front of the store. There, in the featured stuff spot, was big stack of pineapples sporting the largest “Locally Grown” banner the store has displayed so far.

Illinois Pineapple

My wife pointed it out to me and we both started laughing out loud. Remember, we live in Illinois, so this was that incredulous, uncontrollable  sort of laughter. I imagine we made quite a scene because I just had to take some photos and then go look at the box to see where all this lovely fruit was grown … Costa Rica.

It just kept getting funnier the more we thought about it. We were still laughing at the checkout so I thought I’d let the manager standing there in on our mirth.

Total stone face. She didn’t get the humor.

We did our best to hold it in until we reached the car then drove home to tell the kids.

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