Lazy Lawn Mowing

Sometimes a low-tech solution to automation is all that is needed to save a lot of work. Although I now use robotic lawn mowers, you might still enjoy the story of how I once turned my gas-powered walk-behind mower into a work-saving autonomous mower. My neighbors certainly found it amusing. (More on that later.)

This simple hack cut my mowing time to about a third of what it used to be. I’m not sure of the exact cost because most of the parts were scrounged. Even the mower was a $30 garage sale special. In total, I probably spent less than $50 for the whole project, including the mower.

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It’s Spring and Even the Porcupines are in Love

Kissing porcupines screenshot from the Merry Melodies cartoon "Unnatural History".Happy spring everyone! Our Illinois Winter has seemed a little longer this year so it’s nice to feel things warming up.

Every spring I recall an old Looney Tunes or Merrie Melodies cartoon from my childhood. The cartoon starts out looking like a nature documentary as the camera pans through the forest. Then the narrator says, “It’s spring … even the porcupines are in love.” Two porcupines repeatedly pucker up, kiss, then jump back in pain with an “ow ow ow ow!” You gotta love that classic Looney Tunes humor. Continue reading It’s Spring and Even the Porcupines are in Love

Grocery Store Offers Free Old Rotten Food

My local grocery store featured these paper bags for only a few days. I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time to promote “It’s Fresh or it’s Free,” but let’s think about the message taken to its full conclusion.

Fresh or Free Grocery Bag

I’m sure they wanted to communicate that they only carry fresh products, but the real message is that they have old rotten food available. If you get some, well sorry, we don’t guarantee freshness. But your reward is that you can have it at no charge instead of us tossing it in the dumpster! Bon Appétit.