The $8 Tomato Report

Okay, I feel a little odd posting this because I have personally made jokes regarding those who blog about their cheese sandwich. But I just have to tell a little story about my lunch.

Actually, it’s more about being a garden geek.
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WordPress & My iPhone in the Garden

I just had to try the new WordPress application for the iPhone. So I snapped a couple photos while out in the garden gathering lunch and wrote this post.

It connected to my blog effortlessly and allowed me to easily add categories, tags, and a photo.

Great job WordPress team!

I only have a couple minor gripes that I hope will be addressed later:

1. It would be easier to type if the application supported landscape mode and the wider keyboard that provides.

2. It’s too bad WordPress does not extract and store the GPS information along with the other metadata it grabs from photos.

I would love to hear comments from others who have tried it. How has it worked for you?