Detecting When Gravatar Has No Image

[This information in this post is out of date. Please see Gravatar, AppleScript, and the OS X Address Book Revisited for more current information.]

We’re on our way to building an AppleScript to update all of the contacts in your Mac Address Book with pictures from the Gravatar service. This is part 3 of the series.

Part 1, Gravatar, AppleScript, and Address Book Pictures, introduced the topic and ended with a short AppleScript to construct a Gravatar URL given an e-mail address.

Then in part 2, Setting an Address Book Picture with AppleScript, we built a script showing how to successfully set a contact photo in Address Book.

Now we need to detect when the Gravatar service does not have an image on file for a given e-mail address. Continue reading Detecting When Gravatar Has No Image

WordPress Admin Color Scheme: Fresh Plus Visited

Update 05/11/2011: This plugin has been updated to work with WordPress 3.0 and above.

Although I like the new look of WordPress 2.5, I miss having the visited links in the dashboard shown as a different color. I like to keep up on the latest WordPress news and I previously relied on the link color to see what I had not yet read.

WordPress admin color scheme

Fortunately, WordPress 2.5 has a way for plugins to add additional color schemes. So I whipped up a quick plugin to add the style necessary to mark those visited links in a different color. You can grab a copy from my downloads page for Admin Colors Plus Visited.