WordPress Upgrade Preflight Plugin Version 1.1

I just finished a minor update to my WordPress Upgrade Preflight Plugin. Here are the changes:

  • Additional checks for plugins knowing about the new tag system so they don’t get flagged as incompatible. i.e., Sitemap Generator 3.0.
  • Internationalization of text. The .po file is included. If you do a translation send the files over and I’ll be happy to post them on the download page.
  • Miscellaneous clean up.
  • Added GPL license text.

Get it on the Upgrade Preflight Plugin page. (My apologies for this not being on the WordPress Extend plugins directory yet. I’ve applied for access but they apparently have quite a backlog in approving new plugins.)

3 thoughts on “WordPress Upgrade Preflight Plugin Version 1.1”

  1. Thank you for this update.
    quick question–If I already used your plugin to upgrade to 2.3, and found nothing wrong, do you still recommend me to download your latest version (this update)? Because maybe this plugin will have future versions?


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