WordPress Admin Color Scheme: Fresh Plus Visited

Update 05/11/2011: This plugin has been updated to work with WordPress 3.0 and above.

Although I like the new look of WordPress 2.5, I miss having the visited links in the dashboard shown as a different color. I like to keep up on the latest WordPress news and I previously relied on the link color to see what I had not yet read.

WordPress admin color scheme

Fortunately, WordPress 2.5 has a way for plugins to add additional color schemes. So I whipped up a quick plugin to add the style necessary to mark those visited links in a different color. You can grab a copy from my downloads page for Admin Colors Plus Visited.

WordCamp Dallas 2008

WordCamp DallasI’m looking forward to attending my first WordCamp this weekend in Dallas. I’ll be eager to learn from the great lineup of presenters, and hopefully, personally say thank you to some of you who have contributed so much to the WordPress community. Be sure to say hello if you’re attending too. I’d love to meet you.

I believe they are still taking registrations, so you may not be too late to sign up if you haven’t already.

Nofollow and the Spam War Arms Race

Recent events have caused me to rethink the use of the nofollow attribute on my blog comment links. Much has already been written about whether or not to use the nofollow attribute, so I won’t re-hash those arguments here. Personally, I had come down on the side of believing that nofollow did little to stop spam. Besides, commenters add value to my sites and it’s appropriate to reward them with a link. So I’ve been running one of the DoFollow plugins for WordPress to override the default nofollow behavior.

Then the spam flood came that most of us have seen by now. These spam comments are harder to detect because they seem to be written by a human and customized to somewhat fit the post content. Continue reading Nofollow and the Spam War Arms Race

WordPress Upgrade Preflight Plugin Version 1.1

I just finished a minor update to my WordPress Upgrade Preflight Plugin. Here are the changes:

  • Additional checks for plugins knowing about the new tag system so they don’t get flagged as incompatible. i.e., Sitemap Generator 3.0.
  • Internationalization of text. The .po file is included. If you do a translation send the files over and I’ll be happy to post them on the download page.
  • Miscellaneous clean up.
  • Added GPL license text.

Get it on the Upgrade Preflight Plugin page. (My apologies for this not being on the WordPress Extend plugins directory yet. I’ve applied for access but they apparently have quite a backlog in approving new plugins.)

Upgrade Preflight Check Spanish Translation

A big thank you to Samuel Aguilera who created a Spanish translation of my WordPress Upgrade Preflight Check plugin.

You can download the translated version from his site.

I plan on doing proper internationalization in the next version of the plugin. That should make translation easier for anyone who wants to make one.